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28 tracks on Marginal Records.   
  1. Happy Days
  2. I Miss You Baby
  3. Easier Said Than Done
  4. Sleep (Little One)
  5. Don't Leave Me
  6. Why Do You Want to Let Me Go?
  7. The Man Who Don't Believe in Love
  8. You Got What it Takes
  9. With All That's In Me
  10. That's Where I Lost My Baby
  11. I'll Pick a Rose For My Rose
  12. I'm Not a Plaything
  13. Just the Way You Are
  14. Everybody's Got to Pay Some Dues
  15. So Glad You Chose Me
  16. I Wish I Like You (As Much As I Love You)
  17. You Got the Love I Love
  18. Come to Me
  19. I'm Coming Home
  20. I Love the Way You Love
  21. All The Love I've Got
  22. Move to Mountains
  23. Tell Me That You Love Me
  24. Ain't Gonna Be That Way
  25. Oh, Mary
  26. Magic Mirror
  27. That's All I Want
  28. I've Got a Notion