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From ACE Records!  From The Modern Record label comes 27 tracks by 5 great female R&B singers.  10 tracks previously unreleased by these great artists including Zola Taylor of the Platters.


  1. Dog Gone It
  2. Love Me Again - prev. unrel.
  3. Bob-O-Link
  4. Since You
  5. Hands Off
  6. Right Now
  7. He's My Baby -prev. unrel.
  8. I Ain't Gonna Tell
  9. Cool Daddy Cool - prev. unrel.
Helen Humes
  1. The Laziest Gal in Town
  2. Hey, Hey Baby
  3. Living My Life My Way - prev. unrel.
  4. I Ain't In the Mood - prev. unrel.
  5. Take My Love -prev. unrel.
Dolly Cooper
  1. My Man aka He May Be Your Man
  2. Ay La Bah - prev. unrel.
  3. Down So Long - prev. unrel.
  4. Teenage Prayer
  5. Teenage Wedding Bells
  6. Every Day and Every Night
Linda Peters
  1. One More Chance
  2. Ooh Daddy
  3. If I Had Listened
  4. Central 1609
  5. You Won't Trouble Me No More -prev. unrel.
Zola Taylor
  1. Make Love to Me
  2. Oh, My Dear